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west village loft 01

new york, ny

Phase II of this loft renovation required additional storage with a dual functioning living room and bedroom space.  The length of the apartment received a 13.5ft long millwork unit outfitted with two separate Murphy style European twin beds.  Each bed is mechanically operated by its own remote control. The two beds are separated by open shelving and flanked by hanging storage and drawers. 

A 10ft long sofa lives in front of the millwork unit. The extended length is separated by a 15in wide ottoman that is firm enough for a serving tray.  The ottoman acts as an end table for both lengths of sofa.  The two beds open directly over the sofa and a coffee table for easy day to nighttime spatial arrangements.  The coffee table in this space also can be mechanically raised to turn the main space into a dining room for 6- 8 guests. 

New hardwood floors, doors, and hardware were also installed.

Architecture & Interiors: spatial COMPASS

General Contractor: Artistic License Interiors

Woodworking: PHAW Architectural Woodworks
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